Dolph Starbeam Bully Simpsons Free Vector

Dolph Starbeam Bully SpringfieldDolphin "Dolph" Starbeam is one of the school bullies of Springfield Elementary, with Kearney Zzyzwicz, Jimbo Jones, Nelson Muntz, and the Weasels. He is of Jewish origin and can speak Hebrew. Bart Simpson later became friends with him. He is a 6th grader. Despite being the only one with a teenage voice among Jimbo and Kearney, Dolph is the youngest of the three.

Dolph is the "softest" of all the bullies and has sometimes been seen running away once overpowered by the enemy. He is also the smartest education-wise, as he shows knowledge of words and things usually only nerds share an interest for.

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