Mummy Pig Mother Peppa and George - Free Vector

Mummy Pig Free Vector downloadMummy Pig (birth name Amanda "Pam" Pig) is the mother of Peppa and George and the wife of Daddy Pig. She has pink skin, she has eyelashes (with the exception of CreationBeTheWorld23's fandom), she wears a light orange dress and black shoes. In Poppies and Puddles her dress is dark orange. She has a dark orange hat with a light orange ribbon tied in a bow at the front of her hat.

In Priscilla Pig her dress is slightly darker and during the first animated segment, she wears a white apron. She wears a silicone dress, a yellow wig, an apron and a headpiece depicting an aqua folded up rotary dial telephone, a reference to Lady GaGa's music video for the song "Telephone" featuring Beyonce in the episode "Cinnamon Pig's Birth" in the beginning before she is pregnant. In Elephant Estate, it is revealed that Mummy Pig doesn't wear a dress, and that it is a hide jacket which covers up recreations of Lady GaGa's outfits.

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