Beep, Beep Road Runner Free Vector download

Beep, Beep Road Runner Free Vector downloadBeep, Beep is a Warner Bros. cartoon released in 1952 in the Merrie Melodies series featuring Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner. It was later reissued as a Blue Ribbon Merrie Melodies cartoon. The cartoon is named after the Road Runner's catchphrase. The cartoon opens with the Road Runner (Accelerati Incredibilus) being chased by the Coyote (Carnivorous Vulgaris), the action pausing while these taxon captions are displayed.

Wile E. chases after the Road Runner with a knife and fork, striking and missing, and sticking the utensils into the road as the Road Runner accelerates away. He slumps on the ground and soon comes up with a new plan. The Coyote attaches a spring-activated boxing glove to a large rock and hides behind it, hoping to strike the Road Runner. However, the tension in the spring causes the rock and Wile E. to be launched backwards instead of the glove forwards. The glove then retracts backwards and punches the stunned Coyote in the face. Wile E.'s next plan is to traverse a tightwire and drop an anvil on the Road Runner. The anvil proves too heavy for the tightwire to handle, and Wile E. is stretched all the way to the ground and can be seen by the Road Runner, who taunts him before dashing off. Wile E. drops the anvil and is slung up into the air. Wile E. points expectantly at his backpack and pulls out a cord, hoping for a parachute; however, upon opening the pack, there is no parachute, simply common items like a hatchet and kitchen utensils. His expression darkens, and he produces a cartridge of aspirin, taking one to alleviate the inevitable pain. He weakly waves at the camera as he takes the plunge.

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