Draw Masha and the Bear in Adobe Illustrator

Draw Masha and the Bear in Adobe IllustratorThat of Masha and Oorso is a story that belongs to the culture of the countries of Eastern Europe. A fable made famous also by a series of cartoons. A curious girl named Masha went into the forest and moved too far from home. Then he found a home where the Bear lived. He decided to keep Masha and did not want to let her go to her grandparents. But the girl found a way to escape: she asked the Bear to bring freshly baked bread to her grandparents.

Masha put herself in a large woven basket, put a plate with some sandwiches on her head, and that's how the Bear went to the village, without even knowing what was in the basket. Immediately after the Bear opened the trash can in the grandparents' house, Masha jumped out of it and rushed into their arms. In the tutorial we're going to visit we'll draw with Adobe Illustrator an illustration that shows how Masha is in the basket that the Bear is carrying.

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