3D Leather Stool Object Free download

3D leather stool free downloadA footstool (foot stool, footrest, foot rest) is a piece of furniture or a support used to elevate the foot. There are two main types of footstool, which can be loosely categorized into those designed for comfort and those designed for function. This type of footstool is used to provide comfort to a person seated, for example, in a chair or sofa. It is typically a short, wide, four-legged stool with a padded top, upholstered in a fabric or animal hide, such as leather.

This type of footstool is also a type of ottoman. It allows the seated person to rest his feet upon it, supporting the legs at a mostly horizontal level, thus giving rise to use of the term footrest, for this item.And high quality footstool could adjust different height as personal will.

3D Leather Stool Free

3D Leather Stool Free



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